Homeless Program 

We offer a variety of basic human services to the  homeless in our community. What we've seen in the past is that when people fall on hard times and come to us for help and support. Eventually they get back on their feet and it comes full circle.  Many of our volunteers are individuals that we have helped that have come back to pay it forward. 

Homeless program services include
  • Foot care, etc. to homeless, chances to clean up for homeless, open early for homeless so they can get what they need with no one watching
  • Weekly laundry services for homeless and occasional shelter families
  • Provide tarps, shake and eat meals, tents and laundry services 
  • Individual items for people who just moved into a hotel-something like this done all the time (Pack and play, toddler blanket, new pillows)
  • Socks, underwear, bras, toiletries and hand warmers
  • Household Kits for those starting up a home including furniture to dishes, towels, sheets, and full food startup packages
Many thanks to devoted volunteers, donors and the community. People just like you who care about those in need. We are Helping Other People Everyday, and we need your help to answer the growing calls of help for food, clothing, household basics and emergency packets for families and individuals in dire need of assistance.
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