Clothing Vouchers 

Any child is eligible for a $20-$30 voucher 
(amount adjusted for their clothing size) for clothing. Each voucher is replenished the first day of each quarter. We currently have 1161 children that use our voucher program. Adults are allowed 20 items from the dollar rack every 6 months. On an emergency basis, referrals from an agency or teacher/doctor/faith in action/minister etc. enabling individuals to receive one voucher for clothing.

This program is not sustainable without previous recipients returning back to share and help fill the shelves. We are all about “take what you need and give what you can”.

On these principles H.O.P.E. has been founded on platform representing our core belief in achieving strength through charity.
  • Child Voucher Total Vouchers: 1,161
  • Child Voucher Total Amount: $22,131.60
  • Adult Voucher Total Vouchers: 222
  • Adult Voucher Total Amount: $6,467.00

Many thanks to devoted volunteers, donors and the community. People just like you who care about those in need. We are Helping Other People Everyday, and we need your help to answer the growing calls of help for food, clothing, household basics and emergency packets for families and individuals in dire need of assistance.
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