Our Programs 

H.O.P.E. works with many community service providers and will often find ways to solve a one-time problem or need that is individual to a particular case. For example, one boy's mother was going to pull him from an advanced math course because the required calculator was beyond her means. H.O.P.E. provided him with one, then connected with the school to find pools of calculators that can be loaned in the future under similar circumstances. Staff act as they see needs and fill them; they might give folks a ride home with heavy donations, bring homeless individuals to appointments, or help them fill out forms.  We often open the store early so that homeless individuals can shop with dignity. These activities are outside any specific program, but well within the mission and culture of H.O.P.E.'s giving.

The beauty about how we operate is that we do it with compassion and care. If someone does not fit into one of our particular programs, we still find a way to give them a hand.  We are a family at HOPE, and we are a family that cares about every single other family that walks through that door, no matter their situation. Often, it is that one time problem that needs to be addressed as a first step to make it possible for these families to focus on taking steps to make their situation better. At HOPE, we're glad to be the branch for them to grab onto as they take steps forward.

Many thanks to devoted volunteers, donors and the community. People just like you who care about those in need. We are Helping Other People Everyday, and we need your help to answer the growing calls of help for food, clothing, household basics and emergency packets for families and individuals in dire need of assistance.
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