Additional Programs 

H.O.P.E. Household Package Program in Lyndonville, Vermont

Household Packages

Household items are provided to families and individuals starting up a new household under challenging conditions. A typical client might be a single mother moving into a new apartment with her children after leaving an abuse situation where they could not bring many items with them. We provide items they need including furniture, kitchen staples and all other items needed for the home.

H.O.P.E. Infant/Baby/Child Services  Programs in Lydonville, Vermont

Infant/Baby/Child Services 

The aim of the layette that H.O.P.E. provides to new mothers is representative of everything her newborn may require for the first six months of that child’s life.
Small toys, homemade quilts and other items that are have been donated by the community and from other sources. Welcoming new parents and growing families into our community strengthens our community and shows our commitment to the importance of family.
  • Full layette for any mom over 8 months pregnant, child starter kit, 6 outfits, diapers, baby care items, homemade quilts
  • Diapers, diaper rash cream, baby supplies
  • Distribution of donated formula
  • Strollers to people in need
  • Activity bags for moms with toddlers
  • Packages of free items put together for nonverbal autistic children
  • Toys and coloring supplies for public places (children's sandbox at the ball fields,  waiting rooms, etc.)
  • Every child that comes in the store receives a book and a stuffed animal

H.O.P.E. Birthday Bag Program provides presents for nursing home patients and the elderly in Lyndonville, VT.

Birthday Bags

We provide birthday presents for nursing home patients and the elderly that would otherwise be deprived of receiving any gifts. Local nursing homes and members of the community provide H.O.P.E. with individual names and wish lists for qualifying patients and elderly individuals. Many times, items and gifts are handmade from extra materials and recycled products in the H.O.P.E. store.

Gift recipients often report back to us that the connection they feel to the people producing and providing these gifts is of even greater value than receiving the material gifts in their own right. This sense of belonging to a community, forging a personal connection and feeling a special bond is enough testimony to keep us focused on this program indefinitely!

H.O.P.E. Princess Project provides dressed and tuxedos for local youth to borrow in Lyndonville, VT.

Princess Project

We have over 350 dresses and more than 50 tuxedos for local youth to borrow for proms, snowballs and formals. There is also a large inventory of shoes, jewelry, pantyhose, ties and cummerbunds available for loan. Approximately 90-100 students per year participate in the Princess Project program.

Some years there are so many participants  that Princess Project parties are held in homes where girls can get ready for prom together. There are hairdressers on site to help the girls with hair and nails. 

H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday) Fire Survivor Cards in Lyndonville, Vermont

Fire Survivor Cards

Any family or individual that has experienced a fire (or catastrophic flooding) is eligible to receive a Fire Survivor Card listing an entire household's worth of items. They are able to return to the store an unlimited number of times within a year to find the items they need. There is no cap on volume of items available under this program because the program has never been abused. Families that have experienced this type of tragedy need to come in multiple times as immediately after the tragedy they often don't know exactly what they need. Individuals are often in need of different items throughout the year and we have found this flexible system is the most effective way to extend support.
  • Total Families Served: 9
  • Total FC Program Amount: $1,786.00

HOPE Miscellaneous Voucher Program in Lyndonville, VT

Miscellaneous Voucher Program

We have a very close relationship with many schools in our area. School counselors are often in charge of picking up the Backpack Program backpacks to distribute to their students. Because of these existing relationships and the conversations around the Backpack program, many unexpected needs arise that are handled with vouchers for every school. Any teacher is eligible to purchase clothing or items needed either for the classroom or the students with these supplemental vouchers that have no cap.

Teachers, nurses and all affiliates and educational professionals are able to participate in this program. At the beginning of the school year, we have a representative from H.O.P.E that is dispatched to local schools to explain all of the programs and available support including requests for services. 

In all cases we aim to provide and make certain that everyone has an advocate that can attend to that individual’s unique needs. Introducing H.O.P.E. along with our staff and volunteer network remains critical to our mission of empowering professionals and local members of our community to continue supporting the hardship and adversity that often goes unnoticed in our society and our community.

H.O.P.E. Thrift Store Free Bin in Lyndonville, VT

H.O.P.E. Free Bin

There are conversations and stories from times past detailing how the local post office or general store once served as the community hub. These community spaces served in bringing neighbors and friends together to reconnect at random.

Our philosophy at H.O.P.E. includes the idea that great relationships have started over DIY folks interested in thinking and living “outside of the box”. Our aim is to develop H.O.P.E. into our community hub. We believe there exists TONS of high quality goods otherwise slated for landfill that can be reused and repurposed in the highest and best possible use...Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! We have created the H.O.P.E. Free Bin to engender these ideals and feelings at the front of our store!
    • A free bin in the front of the store full of odds and ends is available for all
    • Local artists often make use of our free bin for supplies but we also save items (i.e. game pieces or chipped dishes) for special art projects

      H.O.P.E. Odds & Ends in Lyndonville, VT

      Odds and Ends

      Old T-Shirts that are too ratty to be in the dollar rack are given to several local mechanics to use as rags.
      Old button down shirts are given to schools to be used as smocks.
      Old blankets and towels are given to local veterinarians, stables and kennels.
      White sheets and costumes are given to local theater programs. We often are able to help the local schools and programs with props.
      Old Tupperware and plastic containers are donated for packing ready-to-eat prepared foods that are delivered to the elderly, sick or shut-ins,.
      Jewelry or lonely earrings are made available to a group of ladies that produce a beautiful Christmas tree inlaid on velvet. The final art piece is raffled off with the proceeds going to H.O.P.E.
      H.O.P.E. saves shrunken, misshapen or worn wool sweaters for several crafters that make boiled wool crafts. Subsequent donations of these items are contributed as pat of H.O.P.E.’s Christmas packages
      H.O.P.E. provides yarn to several local women that make hats and mittens for use in Christmas packages and for those individuals in need
      H.O.P.E provides fabric (including outdated clothing made of good solid fabric) to Nancy Aubin, a local artisan that crafts potholders, aprons and table runners. Some of these crafts are distributed in packages and sold in the H.O.P.E. thrift store
      H.O.P.E. supplies toys and coloring supplies for public places (including the children's sandbox at local baseball fields, DCF waiting room, etc.)

      H.O.P.E. Holiday Programs in Lyndonville, VT


      Christmas: In 2016 H.O.P.E. served 365 individuals. 83 stockings were distributed to seniors and shut-ins in the local area. Most boxes contained pajamas, outfits, boots jacket and snow pants if required, socks, underwear, toys, books, hats and mittens, toiletries, stocking stuffers and specifically requested miscellaneous items. Each child’s box contained a small gift for their parent or caretaker for re-gifting purposes to the child including wrapping services. Additional boxes are available for adults in need. Most families that received Christmas gift boxes also received a food box with holiday meal staples and baking supplies including a few extra goodies and/or sweets.
      Thanksgiving: During the previous 8 years H.O.P.E. has provided Thanksgiving meals delivered on Thanksgiving Day. Each year we distribute more than the previous year and as of 2016 (at 86 total meals) the program has moved from a home kitchen to a commercial space working closely with Amy Bean. Currently, Amy organizes a sit down dinner that served 188 community members at The Darling Inn. Trading, sharing and collecting food items in partnership with Amy and the Darling Inn will be conducted to better accommodate the growing volume of people. Lyndon Town School and Little Dipper Doodles Daycare will provide the bulk of the food during this holiday dinner.

      Martin Luther King Jr., Day: Every year during MLK JR., Day H.O.P.E. organizes a free coat giveaway. Hats, scarves and mittens are included with the coat giveaway.

      Easter: H.O.P.E. provides Easter Baskets (averaging roughly 40 in total) to any area agency or school aware of children in need. H.O.P.E. also aims and succeeds in preparing small Easter bag treats to include as part of the Backpack program (small toys, goodies and/or candy).

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